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Seismic Effect on High-Rise Steel Building with Change in Spacing between Two Outrigger Systems

Nowadays the need of housing has drastically increased in metropolitan cities which lead to the development of the high rise buildings due to inadequate availability of land. These high rise buildings are gradually becoming slender due to insufficient space and it leads to possibility of Sway in buildings during the occurrence of lateral forces. In order to reduce these Lateral forces, a mechanism is being provided such as shear wall bracings, Outrigger structure etc .Outrigger system are very costly and require a lot of supervision to implement so spacing of outrigger system plays a very important role in tall building structure. The main aim of the current research work into analyze the study for spacing between two outrigger systems in multi storey steel structural building which are subjected to Seismic forces. One outrigger system is fixed at top and other outrigger system varies at one- fourth height, half, three-fourth height of building and apply belt truss on the perimeter of the outrigger floor of the building. For the same purpose three different models of 50 storied with two outrigger systems are provided. For the analysis of these models, all the earthquake loads are being calculated as per IS code 1893:2016, all significant parameters such as importance factor (I), response reduction factor (R) are also taken from IS 1893 : 2016 and building structure is located in seismic Zone IV soil type 2. This model’s parameter on the basis of Time period Storey Drift, storey Displacement, and storey Stiffness etc is being compared using structural analysis Software ETABS. Keywords - High Rise Building, Outrigger Structure, Seismic Forces, IS 1893:2016, ETABS