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Sustainable Option of Foundation for Minor Bridges Over Small River

Bridge is a structure which provides a passage between the obstacles such as road, rail other type of similar obstacle. The transportation facilities play a vital role in any country development and Bridge structures are the key to make a better transportation system. Bridge structures are constructed over the different obstacle. The bridges structures are designed to withstand the heavy vehicular traffic loads throughout its design period. The importance of Minor bridges is also remarkable. These types of bridges are constructed specially in case of alluvial region. All have to design a sustainable structure for minor bridge especially in alluvial region. Bridge structure which has the span length less than 6m is known as culvert, Whereas Bridge structure having the span length of 6m to 60m are called minor bridge and the span length more than 60 m is called as major bridges. All the bridge structure acts as a passage in the grade separations. Well foundation is provided when soil is sandy in sandy in nature. Well foundation is constructed where good soil is available about 3 to 4m below the bed as well as when there is a tendency of more scouring action due to the more approach velocity of the river water. Study has been conducted for existing new constructed bridge system over Small River and alluvial region to set guidance in future course of action. This paper is based on the previous study on the well foundation and reviews the work. Keywords - Channel, Culvert, Span, Sandy Soil.