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Cloud Security based on DNA and RNA Cryptographic Algorithm

Cloud computing is one of the latest technology. With the development of technological advancements, the threats dealt by a user grow in a very exponential manner. Hence security has become a critical issue in data storage and transmission and data storage. As traditional cryptographic systems are now vulnerable to attacks, the concept of using DNA and RNA based Cryptography has been identified as a possible technology that brings forward a new hope for unbreakable algorithms. There have been several approaches applied by various researchers worldwide to strengthen the security of the stored data on cloud computing .In this paper, a cipher algorithm is proposed using arithmetic operations and biological processes. The biological processes are used to create symmetric key generation system, which is based upon converting of DNA to RNA. The arithmetic operation is used by XOR operation as an encryption technique. The proposed algorithm is a simulation of biological operation on digital computers which may be not exploited biological composition in term of parallel processing and storage. Keywords - Cloud Computing, Cloud Security, DNA based Cryptography, RNA, XOR Operation, Biological Operations