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Medigate: The Smart Gateway to Life

E-Health is the use of technology to improve the quality of healthcare to allow both patients and medical professionals to gain access to a variety of resources. E-health empowers patients to take active role in their health, allowing them to gain deeper understanding of their condition and how to effectively manage them. Health informatics focuses on developing tools to improve healthcare while E-health is designed to make it easier to share this valuable information. The two can work in conjunction to provide patients with top quality care, in a much more efficient manner. This paper proposes an IoT based health monitoring system with a gateway device. An Android based smartphone is used as a gateway device. It will handle the complex wireless sensor network infrastructure. This type of smart gateway will help in expanding health monitoring system in terms of its reliability and energy efficiency. The gateway further sends the data to the web server. Therefore, it will establish a platform for both the doctors and the patients to interact. Keywords - IOT, Gateway, Health Monitoring