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Job Satisfaction of Employees of Delhi Metrorail Corporation: An Analysis

Human resources are the most important resources owned by an organisation, primarily because they are required to make use of other resources of the organisation. Achievement of organisational goals and consequent success or failure of an organisation depends on the quality of its human resources and their functioning. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has changed the face of urban transportation in Delhi and the National Capital Region. While government departments in India are infamously related to evils like red tapism, formalism, redundancy etc, DMRC has emerged as an exceptional organisation which has received praise from various quarters. This splendid performance of DMRC motivated the researcher to analyse the job satisfaction level of the employees of DMRC because organisational success and job satisfaction level of employees of an organisation is more often than not directly proportional to each other. For this research, primary data was collected from 212 employees from both executive and non executive categories of employees of DMRC through a questionnaire and secondary data was collected from the official website of DMRC and from excerpts from a few national dailies and magazines. The analysis of data revealed that most of the employees of DMRC were well satisfied with their job. Keywords - Organisation, Human Resources, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, DMRC, Job Satisfaction.