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A Study on Awareness of the Right to Education Act (Rte Act) 2009 among Various Stakeholders in Kalahandi District of Odisha

Elementary education is the most significant ingredient for development of and prosperity of any nation. Right to education act is a major step towards providing quality elementary education to make human resources of India. It makes education as a fundamental right to the children of 6 to 14 years of age.RTE is recognised as a basic human right which empowers a person to exercise other human rights.RTE Act is implemented in India on 1st April,2010 all over India except Jammu and Kashmir and became one of the 135 countries to implement it. It ensures to provide quality elementary education. This study explores the impact of implementation of RTE Act on the enrolment, retention and achievement level of students reading in government elementary schools of Kalahandi district of Odisha. It is a descriptive study and researcher made questionnaire for Headmaster, school information schedule and interview schedule for SMC members were used for collection of data. Main objectives of this study is to find out the impact of RTE Act on enrolment, retention and achievement of children of unprivileged groups of society in government elementary schools. Analysis of the data for the study reflects that Kalahandi district has made some progress in improving enrolment and achievement of children but it is far away from its goal. Keywords - Right to Education Act; SMC members; Awareness on RTE; Headmasters; and Teachers.