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Smart Traffic Management and Control system Based on IoT

Over the last two decades, there has been an exponential increase in population in many cities globally, posing a challenge in managing and controlling traffic. According to the National Transport and Safety Authority of Kenya, in the year 2020, 134,000 crashes led to 3600 fatalities. During peak hours of traffic, Kenya's average city resident wastes two litres of fuel in traffic daily. Traffic jams result in wastage of time with an average motorist using almost an hour daily. They cause fuel wastage and environmental pollution as a result of the emission of greenhouse gases that cause global warming. Pollution has a devastating effect on human beings, animals, and plants around us. IoT technology is best suited for tackling the problem of traffic management and control in the city. This paper will focus on the design and development of IoT based real-time monitoring framework for the city that also incorporates the use of remote sensing technology. The proposed system has an advantage over other existing methods because it is easy to design, develop and implement; it will reduce the amount of time spent in traffic, will lower the consumption of fuel and the number of fatalities and accidents on the roads. Keywords - NTSA, Traffic Jams, Internet of Things, Greenhouse Gases