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Demand Side Management Strategy Adapted for Residential and Industrial Appliances

We are focusing on two main objective in this paper. One is to minimize the Peak to Average load Ratio(PAR)per day of end users a set of appliances differentiated as elastic and fixed are considered for optimal scheduling atthe user end. Demand side management (DSM) is one which permits customers to reduce the peak hour demand of the energy providers and reshapes the load profile. This scheduling is also based on categorizing the devices as shiftable and non-shiftable loads. Another one is the Power Flow analysis of Standard IEEE 9 Bus System with and without DG(Distributed Generation). Genetic algorithm (GA) is a powerful technique to obtain near optimal solution. Hence GA is used for optimal location and capacities of distributed generation (DG)units for reducing the system losses. Keywords - Appliance Scheduling, Demand Side Management, Genetic Algorithm, Energy Management.