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A Case Study of Role of Social and Economic Disparities in Academic Performance and Job Prospects of Students

The growing crisis of youth unemployment and underemployment in India kick started by the 2008 financial coupled with a declining G.D.P. growth is taking toll on the nation’s workforce. This paper aims to find the underlying social and economic parameters that impact student’s academic performance and their job prospects by using data analysis. India is home to various socially and economically diverse groups, wegauged the extent to which various social and economic parameters like social category, family Income, family pressure, Parent’s education level etc. influence the academic performance and employability of students. We further explored the depths of educational divide between those having resources and access to private education and other educational services like tuition or coaching classes as oppose to those who turn to public education citing lack of viable alternative. The results and findings of data analysis gives us the conclusion that social and economic disparities does play a significant role in influencing student’s education and employability. The findings also call one’s attention to the striking difference in the quality of education being imparted at private and government schools. Keywords - Education, Social, Economic, Job prospects, School