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Impact of Outsourcing of Housekeeping Services on the Management of Human Resources in 5-Star Hotels of Delhi NCR

In hotels, the impact of outsourcing of housekeeping services on management of human resources should be considered by the activities through which organizations like hotels strive to accomplish goals throughout various degree of business. While applying outsourcing for the housekeeping services it is essential to give utmost consideration to its impact on the manpower factor, which is the most necessary factor for the hotel industry to thrive as well as for ensuring smooth hotel operations. The study explores the outsourcing of housekeeping services in the 5-star hotels of Delhi NCR and how the application is bringing about change in managing of human resources in hotels. The relationship is also determined among outsourcing and human resource management. The primary data collection is conducted through a structured questionnaire and circulated among housekeeping managers and human resource managers of 5-star hotels of Delhi NCR. One of the key findings of the study came out to be that outsourcing of housekeeping services has a positive impact on the management of human resources. Keywords - Outsourcing, Hotel Housekeeping, Human Resource Management, Employee involvement, Effectiveness of Outsourcing.