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Prepaid Electricity Meter using IOT

Electricity is one of the basic needs of humans, Its commonly used for domestic, industrial and agricultural purposes in day to day’s life. Most of us know the role of electricity meter in electricity grid. Its an fundamental component of distribution grid. Electricity meter helps the utility (Electricity distribution company) to account the uses of electricity by consumer on kW per hour basis. These meters need to be manually read by people in order to provide monthly/quarterly bills. The system is designed to allows the operator to recharge the user account using IOT. The system first accepts account recharge and allows to use only limited units of energy as per recharge and then cuts off the supply. The prepaid electricity billing meter could be widely used to provide a new more customized electricity billing system, where users may recharge when they intend to use that facility. It also consists of a ESP8266 module that allows the operator to recharge the meter using message service. Here I use a Nodemcu microprocessor to processing data. For internet communication use Wi-fi module ESP8266. Also I need to PT and CT for calculating a wattage of used electricity. This puts forward an innovative electricity billing and “use as needed” electricity usage scheme. It also eliminates the need for manual electricity meter reading tasks. This meter are digital meter with short circuit protection, Over voltage protection, Anti-Theft detection. Keywords - Node MCU, ESP8266, ACS712, MCB, Relay, LCD, IOT