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GSM Based Remote Production Monitoring System For Paper Industry

Modern graphic and printing industry demands for precise cutting of stack of papers with different sizes at good quality and high production rate. Existing semiautomatic paper cutting machine controller supports features like high speed accurate positioning and safety. But with these machines, business owner of paper industry cannot monitor the production quality and production rate remotely. In this paper we are proposing a approach for design and development of cutting machine controller on embedded platform with value added feature of remote production monitoring system. Paper focuses on the detection of wrong cutting sequence of operation, recording the operator’s work log with time stamp and informing this information to owner through text message. Design consists of single axis motion control mechanism for the positioning, LCD display and keypad interface for interactive user interface, memory interface for storing different cut positions and operator’s work log, GSM modem interface is provided to send production monitoring related information to owner through text messages. Index terms— Optical Rotary encoder, GSM Motion Controller, Length Counting Device, Back Gauge Controller.