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Computation of Water Quality Index of River Kali Nadi in Western Uttar Pradesh - Meerut (India)

The main objective of the study was to calculate and evaluate the Water Quality Index (WQI) of river Kali Nadi, which will help in quantifying the extent of pollution and their by assessing its suitability for drinking and agricultural use. The analysis determines the quality trends and prioritizing pollution control efforts and also helps in indentifying the areas of concern. The samples were assessed for physico-chemical parameters namely pH, Electrical DO, Conductivity, BOD, Total Dissolved Solid, Total Hardness, Nitrates, Sulphates, Chlorides, and Calcium. The calculation of the WQI was done using weighted arithmetic index method. The WQI was found to be 92.03 for River Kali Indicating clearly that untreated water from the river kali is of poor quality and must therefore be treated before use to avoid water related diseases. It also indicates that the quality of water is not good for agricultural activities as well. Keywords - Water Quality, Water Quality Index, Physico-Chemical Parameters, Weighted Arithmetic Index Method