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Influence of Climatic Conditions on Spread of Covid’19 - An Analysis using Machine Learning Methods

Covid’19 is one of the deadliest infectious disease has been causing so many deaths around the globe for more than past one year. There are so many medical, habitual and other parameters available for the spread of this viral disease. This study has attempted to explore the relationship between number of new Covid’19 confirmed cases and some climatic factors and all these are done with machine learning framework. Seven locations are considered for the study as their pattern of spread differ and three main machine learning algorithms namely Linear model, Decision Tree and Random forest are exercised in the dataset. In order to improve the performance feature extraction and feature selection methods are used along with machine learning methods. Out of all three, Random Forest performed better by predicting the fact with an average of 96% of accuracy with respect to the dataset. Keywords - Covid’19, Machine Learning Techniques, Linear Model, Decision Tree, Random Forest.