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Environmental Sustainability and Workforce Health in Manufacturing Industries

Over the past years scholars are working in all aspects of sustainability.There is an increase in environmental concerns all across the world. The need in manufacturing sector is felt even more because of waste generated, use of chemicals harmful to environment and a large number of employees involved in this sector. This paper targets few selected manufacturing industries in India and their approach towards environmental sustainability and workforce health, challenges faced by them, advantages of implementing environmental sustainability in their perspective. HR managers were interviewed and depth interview was taken to gain detailed insights. The statistical tool used in the research paper is AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) technique. It is in the knowledge of HR managers and top management to implement environmental sustainability for workforce health but awareness among workers is still lacking. The research paper holds added value because of COVID 19 pandemic in the world, and the online or work from home facility is not available for manufacturing employees. Transportation is a challenge for employees and workers in this pandemic. Moreover, no such work is available in Indian context in the existing popular database Google Scholar and Scopus. The research work is still under process and no such findings are noted till date. Keywords - Environmental Sustainability, AHP, Workforce health, manufacturing sector