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Studying Perception of Rural Youth towards Agriculture and Allied Activities on the Basis of Various Aspects in Dryland of Haryana State, India

Youth are the most powerful section of the population of a country. The young people of today are the expectations of tomorrow. They are the genuine soul for future agribusiness of the country. Procedure & policies that shape and impact youth today will overwhelm our nation tomorrow. Youth look for a job not only to run livelihood, even for meaningful life and passion towards their work. Youth make up roughly one-fifth of the complete populace in numerous nations in underdeveloped and developing economies. The financial turn of events and thriving of provincial regions depends, up to a significant level, on the way of youth living in rustic regions, on the grounds that the country youth have capacities to arrange themselves to come the standard of the developmental mainstream . It's undeniably true that barely any youngsters are rehearsing agri-occupations, despite the fact that, larger part of the rustic youth have life and enthusiasm to dominate in rural and partnered exercises. In this unique circumstance, it is advantageous to know the degree of interest of youth in agriculture and associated activities. Keeping this in see, a study was directed in dryland of Haryana state, i.e., Bhiwani and Charkhi Dadri District with a complete sample of 240 youth who are chosen through stratified sampling method. The goal of the study was to know the degree of interest of youth in agricultural activities basis on various aspects and their profile characteristics. The information was gathered from essential sources with organized interview. The study utilized graphic insights and scale method to examine the information provided by youngsters.