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Incivility by Civil Alliance: A Critical Approach to Githa Hariharan's 'In Times of Siege'

The core concern of literary expression have been the social upliftment by meditating over the prevailing practices and milieu in the society. The present paper aims at contemplating over the presence of incivility within the Civil Society thereby penetrating its real face which is apparent in Gita Hariharan' novel 'In Times of Siege' (2003). The efforts are made to decode the unpleasant aspects of propitious Civil society in India thereafter scrutinizing over the communalisation of civility at the hands of so-called civil actors. Civil Society is meant to elevate the common interest and Democratic principles of people but rather it supresses the very right of expression especially when formed up on the basis of a specific belief or religion. This paper elaborately discusses the mentioned civil group and its immorall conducts to convey that all Civil institutions are not so Civil. Keywords - Civil Society, Democracy, Basic Rights, Incivility.