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Community-Led Microenterprises Empowering Rural India

Existing framework of energy utilization in India has setbacks of rural electrification & shortfall of sustainable development carving a way for the renewable energy-based microenterprises. This paper involves discussion on how de-centralized generation of power through solar off-grids in rural areas is a solution of erratic grid supply & is capable of yielding value-added products from the raw agricultural commodity. Since, solar grids assist in the sustainable goal achievements and help in maintaining the socio-economic development of the region; a proposed reason of why Jharkhand holds strong potential of our microenterprise set-up is thoroughly presented. A framework of projected solar off-grid plant with its Single Line Diagram& overall system set-up is represented. Easy to implement microenterprises set-up based on solar off-grid can lead to indirect Gross Domestic Product contribution & potent step towards carbon footprint reduction too. Keywords - Solar off-Grid, Rural Electrification of India, Sustainable Development, Renewable Energy, Microenterprise