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Organizational Justice and Employee Turnover in ‘A’ Graded Commercial Bank of Nepal

Introduction: Banking sector are the life blood of Nepalese commercial sector. They are also the integral part of Nepalese economic development. As result, banking career has become the eye candy for every job seeker in Nepalese job market. In this very regard, many job searches finally result on career opportunities at Nepalese commercial bank. However, scenario quickly adverse as employee working in banks is one of the highest in terms of job retention. This job retention has raised array of question regarding organizational justice towards employee working in commercial bank of Nepal. The primal result as suggested by various researchers for higher rate of job retention is the organizational justice for banking employees after they are engaged on banking career. On the urge of global pandemics aftermath, this organizational justice regarding queries in banking sector has once again mountain. This research tries to addresses the aspect s of organizational justice and employee turnover prevailing in commercial bank of Nepal. Objectives: Banking career being the sector of spot light has not became the tenure for longer term in Nepal. The reason behind these conditions is due to the primitive organizational culture which is still the common practice in Nepalese commercial bank. As of now, the queries related to organizational justice has been the unanswered question. Thus, the aim of this research is to examine the organizational justice and employee turnover in commercial banks of Nepal Design: Research is related with the subject regarding the organizational justice and employee turnover in commercial bank of Nepal. So, the data are collected from employee working in commercial banks of Nepal. Nepalese banking sector is too extended thus researcher has selected the ‘A’ graded commercial bank of Nepal as source of collecting data. The researcher has used quantitative technique for data collection and descriptive method is adopted to analyze data more precisely. Findings: Banking sector of Nepal has to adopt good organizational practices for enhancing employee performance. This change can also assure the development of banking performance and reduce employee turnover in commercial bank. The result reveals that there is significant relationship between organizational justice and employee turnover of commercial bank. Research states that the employee turnover can be overcome through the organizational justice which includes the core element of addressing the employee concern timely and precisely. Banks therefore has to focus on organizational justice to overcome the crucial huddles regarding employee retention prevailing in Nepal. Practical Implication: There has been limited research regarding the organizational justice. Thus, research has been one of the new paradigms for addressing the huddles prevailing in commercial bank. Research is important for bankers to draft the policies favorable for both organization and employee. This research also provides new arena of study for new researcher to find the solution for problems regarding employee turnover in commercial bank. Originality/ Value: This research paper is based on primary data collected from field study of ‘A’ graded commercial bank. The researcher has used quantitative research design in this research which enhances the wrathfulness of research. The adaptation of self-structured questionnaire in research has made research more unique and native for providing definite solution for research queries. Keywords - Organizational Justice, Employee Turnover