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Ethics on Business Commitment in Commercial Banking Industry in Nepal

Introduction - Banks is the leading financial bodies of the Nepal. Banks continuously serve the society for upliftment of economy. Nepalese economy is headed by the active performance of banking services. Banks are continuously initiating their upgraded social services for enhancing financial progress. Banks also are the leader of economic development of country. Thus, banks commitment for social progression is possible through ethics on business commitment of commercial banking industry in Nepal. With utmost priorities banking ethical commitment for business can helps in enhancement of Nepalese economy. Likewise, banks ethical commitment for business can also helps in banking financial growth and success. Objectives: In recent phases of to and for economic fluctuation all around, Nepalese banking industry has versatile role for leading economy in positive path. Therefore, the objectives of this research are to examine role of ethics on business commitment in commercial banking industry in Nepal. Design: Research deals with complex subject matter which includes subjective and objective queries concerning banking development. Research in this regard explain the overall banking perspectives and social needs. Researcher therefore has adopted the quantitative research method to understand the core matter of research precisely. This method of research is effective for this research for knowing in-depth matter of banking ethics and it’s essentiality in banking performance enhancement. The researcher adopts self-designed questionnaire in the research for involvement of banking personnel in research to get authentic information. Findings: Banks as the essence of society need to adopt effective policies for enhancement of society. For banking industry, business commitment is the part of banking performance enhancement. In the current context, banking industry is facing lots of trouble in handling their customer precisely. Bank thus needs support of customer and surroundings for outreaching new horizon of business success for which ethical business commitment can be vital. The business commitment is also correlated with ethical conduct, ethical management and ethical assessment. So, banks have to consider ethical factor for enhancing performance. Practical Implication: Research regarding ethical constrains is always precise in banking industry. It is very important to do continuous research on banking industry. As banks are directly correlated with the changing global changes happens within the financial arena of world. In order to create flexibility in banking working atmosphere is very essential which are mean for financial enlargement of banking profitability. Banks helps in financial growth of economy. So, researches for ethical consideration are always the path way for leading banks in successive direction. Hence, this research is also guiding banks in assistive path for enhancing banking performance. Originality/ Value: Research is the original work and has been the outcome of core data received from the banking employee. Research carried pragmatism paradigm and deals with actual banking situation which is currently prevailing in the Nepalese bank. This results the research to be more practical and unique in nature. Through, use of quantitative research value of research is also upgraded. Keywords - Ethics, Business Commitment