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The Grass is Singing: A Scrutiny towards the Rereading of Apartheid and Late Capitalism

The present paper studies the theme of late capitalism and apartheid in Doris Lessing's The Grass is Singing. The novel shows the horrific effects of economic disparity and racial prejudice on white colonial rulers and southern Africa's black populations. The Grass is Singingdepicts a story of Lessing's personal experiences.It describes the class struggle in South Africa, where the whites didn't accept blacks as humans and humiliated them in one way or another. Through the example of Mary Turner, the protagonist, it is shown that she finally meets her doom because of all the injustice she did towards the black natives. Being white, Lessing still hates the white rule in Africa because of its inequality and injustice. However, Lessing writes about reality instead of adding some imagination to it. She has always been against the inhuman treatment of whites done to their black servants. Keywords - Racial Prejudice, Apartheid, Late Capitalism, Scrutiny, Class Struggle, Economic Disparity