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Review of Cognitive Managerial Capital and its Characteristics based on the Literature

The literature on Cognitive Managerial Capital is replete with varying definitions as well as the enumeration of its characteristics. This may cause confusion for prospective researchers. Human Capital resources, which are one of the components of Intellectual Capital, are often rare and have a complexity that makes it difficult to imitate and provide a competitive advantage. The purpose of this paper is to review current literature on Cognitive Managerial Capital and its characteristics with a view to developing an improved understanding of the various meanings in which this concept has been used. Hence, this paper reviews the literature to consolidate these varying views into a meaningful pattern. To improve understanding of Cognitive Managerial Capital and consolidate its characteristics for this study, a wide literature search for a systematic review was carried out. Managerial and employee capital are first-tier components of human capital. Cognitive Managerial Capital is a subcomponent of Managerial Capital. The variations, similarities, and differences were sorted out to develop comprehensive characteristics of Cognitive Managerial Capital. It is recommended for researchers so that future research may lead to improved cumulative knowledge about Cognitive Managerial Capital and its characteristics. Keywords - Intellectual Capital; Human Capital; Relational Capital; Managerial Capital; Cognitive Managerial Capital.