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AI Based Self-paced E-Learning Application and its Merits: An E-HRM Concept

Learning on the job is always a challenge as it requires the individual to focus on their work and also ensuring the development of their skill for a formidable career growth. With the introduction of Technology, the balance of learning and work is managed to a great extent especially when the learning is virtual or online and self-paced. This means that the learners who are trying to upskill for their career growth are able to manage their work-load as well as invest a good amount of time in their learning. The challenges associated with a physical learning session or in person learning session is that it requires physical presence of the learner and also it takes a good amount of time from their work and personal matters and attend the physical classes. There is another issue with the physical learning session and that is there are hardly any recordings made available in case the learner misses a session or two. This adds a lot of burden for them who want to excel in their career and causes disturbances in their work-life balance. The concept of self-paced learning is a mantra for skill development. The major boost and merit of the self-paced learning is its flexibility to the choices of course contents and the availability of time with the individual to relax on their mind and go through a systematic way of learning new skills. The whole concept of self-paced learning is that the learner or the student can access to a computer-based system or a web-based system that will have the training materials and it can be operated in their own pace without much external or third-party source involvement. In this paper, the authors are explaining about self-paced learning product that helps building a learning environment for healthcare professionals. The product scope also covers the concept of Artificial Intelligence and its role in the area of self-paced learning. The entire concept of the product and its learning features are encompassed in an E-HRM based learning environment. Keywords - E-HRM (Electronic Human Resources Management), E-Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Self-paced Learning, Machine Learning