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Green Nanotechnology: An Overview on Synthesis of Green Nanomaterials and their Application in Environmental Remediation.

Over the last few decades, with a tremendous escalation in industrialization, and urbanization, environmental pollution has also increased rapidly. The Need of the hour is to develop eco-friendly and sustainable technology. Green nanotechnology has garnered a lot of attention because it is inexpensive, safe, and contains no toxic chemicals. The physicochemical synthesis of nanomaterials has many drawbacks such as the use of a large number of toxic chemicals, high energy demands, and optimum environmental conditions while the production of green nanomaterials uses only biological resources. This chapter provides a comprehensive study of different sources for biogenic nanomaterial synthesis and their potential applications in mitigating and managing different kinds of pollutants and obstacles and their future perspectives. Keywords - Biogenic Nanomaterial, Environmental pollution, Eco-friendly, Green Nanotechnology, Industrialization.