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Assessment of Emotional Regulation, Impulsivity, Callous-Un Emotional Traits, Aggression, Empathy & Risk Factors for Re- Offence Among Juvenile offenders – An Exploratory Study

This study aims to assess the psychological factors, including emotional regulation, impulsivity, callous-unemotional traits, aggression, empathy, and other risk factors, which contribute to re-offending among juvenile offenders. By examining these factors, the study seeks to provide valuable insights for the Juvenile Justice system in implementing a comprehensive assessment procedure for each child in conflict with the law. This assessment will aid in developing appropriate rehabilitation plans to prevent recidivism. Keywords - Juvenile Offenders, Psychological Risk Factors, Emotional Regulation, Impulsivity, Callous Unemotional Traits, Aggression, Empathy, Re-Offending, Recidivism, Assessment, Rehabilitation.