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Abstract - Artificial intelligence and tech are currently having an impact on people's lives, and more broadly, they have changed the educational landscape to make it easier and more accessible for students with intellectual, visual, hearing, and physical impairments. In addition to having an influence on learners with disabilities, the usage of AI has also had an impact on educational institutions' efforts to develop inclusive pedagogies. This study will attempt to assess how AI has influenced the education of students with disabilities. It is intended to be a working article. Particular interviews with instructors and kids with special needs will be employed in the qualitative study that will underpin the data collection. The information will also be gathered through articles published in academic databases including EBSCO's Scopus, Springer, and Elsevier, as well as through publications such as newspapers, magazines, and blogs. The anticipated answers will be subjected to content analysis. The research project will pay special attention to whether the issue of examining the influence of AI on (1) Special Needs Education and (2) AI assisting instructors to promote Special Needs Education was addressed in the literature. Additionally, the study's goal is to provide a framework for Special Needs Education's inclusive future through targeted interviews. Keywords - Artificial Intelligence, Special Education, Inclusive Pedagogy.