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Abstract - Crops are affected by many reasons like availability of water, climate, soil fertility and pests. Crop affected by hailstorm is sudden and unpredictable. There is need to develop cost effective anti-hail storm structure to protect crops. Wind is another natural factor which affects crops. In the current paper various available techniques and related research papers are discussed at length. There also a need to study crops of various regions having variations in climate.Climate and climate change is an important element to be studied in depth for crop protection as it prediction efficacy is still to be achieved. Several researches have studied and demanded necessity of forecasting of hail storm and need of cost effective and durable structure for protection of crops in the event of thunderstorms.As it directly links farmers and the national economy, the study is crucial. This study is especially significant because crop protection, which affects food security, is linked to it. Researchers have big challenge in front of them to give solution for crops protection against winds and hail storm because meteorology is complex science. Outcome of study will be a great boon to society worldwide. Keywords - Hail Storm, Anti- Hail Storm Structure, Climate, Crops