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Enhancing Resilience: Strategies for Flood Mitigation in Mumbai’s Urban Expansion through Storm Detention

With Mumbai City’s burgeoning population and plans for expansion eastward, the inception of a sister city, Naina, is on the horizon. However, Mumbai’s historical struggle with flood-related issues poses a critical challenge to this development. As the footprint of the city extends, the impervious cover in the targeted area is set to increase, exacerbating storm water management concerns. This paper investigates the potential surge in storm flow resulting from heightened impervious cover using the rational method. Moreover, it aims to underscore the risk of inundation if adequate mitigation measures are not employed or if the existing storm water infrastructure proves inadequate. The study proposes the implementation of underground detention ponds as a strategy to alleviate excess storm flow, utilizing rational method calculations to inform their design. By striking a balance between expanded impervious cover and effective detention systems, this research seeks to offer a comprehensive approach to mitigate flood risks in the development of Naina and ensure sustainable urban growth. Keywords - Storm Water Management, Rational Method, Flood Risk, Urban Development, Hydrology, Underground Detention System, Sustainable Development, Environmental Sustainability.