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Unmasking the Shadows: Assessing the Impact of Covid-19 on Mental Health

This conference synopsis titled "Unmasking the Shadows: Assessing the Impact of Covid-19 on Mental Health" explores the profound repercussions of the global pandemic on psychological well-being. Authored by Capt. Dr. Pooja Mehra Ahuja (Retd.), the research delves into the multifaceted aspects of the psychological impact, considering factors such as social isolation, economic uncertainties, and the pervasive fear of infection. Through a comprehensive methodology blending qualitative and quantitative approaches, the study aims to uncover the intricate ways in which Covid-19 has affected mental health and proposes recommendations for targeted interventions and support systems. The synopsis emphasizes the urgency of recognizing and addressing the shadow cast on mental health by the pandemic, calling for collective efforts to support individuals during these challenging times. Keywords - Covid-19, Mental Health, Psychological Impact, Social Isolation, Interventions Top of Form