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Artificial Identities, Human Connections: Unraveling the Complexities of Virtual Influencers on Society

Miquela, VNCCII, Ai Angelica, Ai Ailynn, Kyra-India are digital humans with a thriving social media presence and following. They transcend the boundaries of traditional influencer roles by seamlessly blending artificial intelligence and a human team behind them. Their rise prompts us to look at the intriguing landscape of virtual personalities, the nature of relationship between technology and human experience. This paper delves into the era of virtual influencers, a growing phenomenon in the era of influencer marketing driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Drawing upon multidisciplinary perspectives from the Humanities and Social Sciences, it critically examines the social, cultural, ethical, and psychological dimensions of AI based influencers. By exploring the perceptions, impacts, and challenges posed by these digital entities, this paper aims to shed light on the implications of virtual influencers in shaping contemporary culture and redefining human interaction in the AI era. Keywords - Virtual Influencers, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Humans, Social Media, Parasocial Relationships.