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An Analysis and Evaluation of the Functional English Syllabus and Materials Under Nagaland University, India

The present research attempts to evaluate and analyse the current Functional English (FE) curriculum at the undergraduate level in Nagaland University, India. The research focuses on two key areas: syllabus and usage of materials in a language classroom. The research hypothesizes that the current curriculum does not provide enough English language proficiency to FE undergraduates due to the inadequate syllabus and materials. The data is collected from students and teachers of Fazl Ali and Kohima College, alumni of Fazl Ali College, and the teacher who initiated Functional English. The findings of the research highlight an urgent need to redesign the syllabus based on the Notional-Functional Syllabus. Teachers should use a prescribed textbook and guidebook for learners, along with appropriate materials to fulfil their teaching needs. A needs analysis survey and syllabus evaluation are also essential. The study suggests the use of authentic materials to improve the proficiency level of learners and aid language learning. The research concludes that the current curriculum of Functional English at the undergraduate level under Nagaland University is inadequate, which impacts the language proficiency of students. The study's recommendations are also crucial to improving the English language proficiency of FE undergraduates and addressing the gaps in the current curriculum. Keywords - Curriculum, Syllabus Evaluation, Language Classroom, Authentic Materials.