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Natural Plant Growth Regulators for Improving Coffee Yield and Quality

A trial was conducted at Coffee Research Sub Station in Coorg District during 2016-18 to understand the effect of natural plant growth regulators on yield and quality of Arabica coffee. Arka Microbial Consortium, Lantana camara and Glyricidia sepium were used in comparison with chemicals viz. Salicylic acid and Alpha – NAA. Results indicated that spraying all growth regulators twice @ 0.025 to 1.0 % concentration enhanced the yield parameters such as bearing nodes per branch (18.81 %), flower buds per node (24.58 %) and fruit set (15.79 %) of Arabica coffee as compared to control and water sprayed plants. This resulted in 19.27 % increase in yield of coffee with 5.53 %.increase in out turn ratio. There was an increase of 6.06 % and 6.25 % in percent ‘A’ grade beans and bean weight respectively in plants treated with plant growth regulators as compared to control. PGR treated plants had 15.03 % higher caffeine in beans. Both control and water sprayed plants had resulted in yield and quality on par with each other. All PGR treated plants had resulted in statistically and significantly higher yield and quality in Arabica coffee over control and water sprayed plants. However, among the different plant growth regulators, results were statistically on par indicating that both natural and chemical plant growth regulators are equally effective in enhancing yield and quality of coffee and growers can make use of these at their choice based on the method of cultivation that they adapt. Keywords - Arabica Coffee, Plant Growth Regulators, Yield and Quality, Lantana Camara, Glyricidia Sepium