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Enhancing Security and Efficiency in Vanets: A Blockchain-Based Secret Key Extraction Approach

We have made great progress in resolving the crucial problem of location privacy in Vehicular Impromptu Networks (VANETs), an essential component of Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS), using our innovative block chain-based trust management methodology. VANETs' high inherent mobility has long presented security issues, especially when it comes to using Location-Based Services (LBS). Our creative solution gives cars the ability to request LBS while protecting their personal data with a secure verification process. Vehicle privacy is protected via the creation of anonymous shrouding zones, and vehicle behavior is controlled and governed by an advanced trust management algorithm. By using block chain technology, the system's data security is strengthened even more, resulting in a strong, impenetrable architecture. Thorough testing has proven the system's resilience against a range of assaults based on trust models, proving its efficacy in protecting vehicle privacy. The outcomes of our simulation demonstrate the practicality of our suggested method in actual VANET circumstances, pointing to the possibility of a new era in safe and private ITC systems. Keywords - Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks (VANETS), Conditional Privacy-Preserving Authentication (CPPA), Roadside Units (RSUs)