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Smart Control Arm: Arduino-Powered Robotic Precision with Smartphone Mastery

This study introduces an Arduino-based robotic arm designed and constructed to operate remotely through a mobile app. The Smart Control Arm, featuring six degrees of freedom, was developed specifically for this research project. Utilizing the Arduino platform, the design is responsive to commands transmitted wirelessly from a user's mobile application via Bluetooth signals. Comprising five rotary joints and an end effector, the arm incorporates servomotors to facilitate rotary motion. The design process involved the use of SolidWorks for the initial design of each link, followed by 3D printing to create the physical components [2]. Assembly of the robot's parts, combined with the mechanical configurations of the motors, culminates in the completion of the arm's final prototype. The Arduino programming ensures that each corresponding servo motor receives rotation commands, facilitating remote control through the designed mobile application. When discussing robots, there is a common misconception that they are exclusively designed for industrial use or for scientific experimentation with new technologies. Contrary to this perception, the primary purpose of robots is to assist humans in various tasks, be it within industrial settings or in performing everyday household chores. To challenge the prevailing notion that "robots are solely for industries," the internet serves as a crucial tool [4]. This This study presents the improvement of a web controlled mechanical arm, empowering distant control of the arm's developments through a PC associated with the web [4]. The goal is to feature that robots can be incorporated into homegrown conditions to work with routine human exercises. The automated arm is worked by an Arduino Uno, connected with the web utilizing the Arduino Ethernet Safeguard. The undertaking includes two kinds of investigations: servo engine examination and exactness testing [3]. The precision test uncovers that the genuine result of the servo engine, in contrast with the information shipped off the Arduino Uno by means of the web, falls inside the scope of 97% to close to 100%. This model exhibits the fruitful activity of the robot. As an easy to understand development, this robot plans to connect the current hole among robots and family tasks [2]. Keywords - Arduino, Servo Motors, Hc-05 Bluetooth Module, DC Motor Power Supply, Robotic Arm.