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Today, when it comes to recruitment, social media platforms are among the most important channels to gain access to and then procure talent. The paper is devoted to an extensive study of those recruitment channels that are social media platforms: LinkedIn, X and Fiverr. Drawing on a synthesis of existing literature, empirical data, and case studies, this research seeks to address several key questions: What makes the difference between the recruitment platforms and can you talk about their strengths and weaknesses? What mechanisms do these platforms put in place to identify and assess the candidates? What are the relevant organizational themes of diversity, equity, and inclusion when one uses social media in recruiting? Also, this study looks into the role artificial intelligence and algorithms based decision-making in the recruitment procedure on these platforms and explores its effect on candidate selection and bias reduction. Utilizing a comparative analysis perspective, this study aims to give guidance which can help organizations strategize for efficient recruitment processes in the digitized world. Through a detailed assessment of the salient features and operation modalities of LinkedIn, X and Fiverr, this research provides insight into the question of how technology is used for human resource management. The paper enables us to explore the pitfalls and possibilities of using social media platforms during recruitment. Keywords -Recruitment, Jobs, Accessibility, Social-Media Platforms, Comparative Analysis, Human Resource Management, Candidate Evaluation.