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Online Android Application for Ordering Water and Delivery Management System

Online shopping advancements have been so drastic that it has evolved to be a part of our life. Today customer doesnít drive down to some shop for buying a product but preferably check over the internet for price, offers, reviews and order online. In most of the metro Politian cities water containers are purchased from shops for their basic needs of day to day life. The current system working procedure in those cities is where customer calls/drives down to shop to order the water container by providing the shopkeeper a deliverable address and then a delivery person delivers the order to customerís door step, as this system works totally offline and has lot of drawbacks. The major drawbacks in current offline system are repeated calls from and to customer, if multiple orders are placed from same locality the delivery person travels multiple times, there is no track of order, etc. This paper proposes an android application for water container ordering and delivery management system, where customer can order over an application by searching the nearby shops which provide the service and make payment online. This proposed system helps in overcoming the major drawbacks of current system. This application provides assistance modules for shopkeeper; it provides a delivery module which helps delivery person to deliver the containers to number of places by efficient path strategies and as application uses internet, e-payment, maps etc; it moderately helps in developing digitally empowered society.