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Toward A Novel Framework for E-Learning Systems Successful Implementation: A Systematic Approach

One area of strategic application IT is e-learning systems which are increasingly essential in universities, educational institutions, government departments and other organizations to offer an education or training service. Despite massive investment in e-learning system, the high failure rate in this domain is reported. As a result, e-learning systemsí success evaluation has become vital to clarify e-learning critical domains. A review of the e-learning literature shows that there are few substantive theoretical accounts which adequately integrate multiple levels of analysis and explain e-learning success measures systematically. Therefore, the present paper aims to integrate and consolidate the existing knowledge of the e-learning domain in order to develop new comprehensive framework of el-earning success implementation by using systematic approach. This study took advantage of systems theory and presented a systematic framework which contains three main components: e-learning facilitators/drivers, e-learning system features and e-learning consequences. To gain research aim, systematic literature review and focus group method were applied to develop framework and then via survey proposed framework was validated. The main contribution of this paper is systematic viewpoint is applying system model to develop e-learning success by regarding technological, organizational and pedagogical aspects Keywords- E-learning, E-learning system, e-learning facilitator, e-learning consequent, systematic approach.