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Effective Waste Treatment and Disposal by Operating Open Dumpsites as Bioreactors

Open dumpsites are the most common way of disposal of municipal solid waste (MSW) in the developing countries. Technological advancements have changed the waste management perspective, many countries still rely on open dumping practices causing environmental degradation and health effects. These open dumpsites occupy a large area of land and needs to be addressed with regard to its contained waste and a sustainable and engineered solution has to be implemented to avoid further damages. A clear trend of application of bioreactor landfill technology was witnessed in the past decades in the developed countries. An idea of incorporating the technology by operating these open dumpsites as bioreactors is presented in this paper. Developing countries having tropical and sub-tropical climate might be highly benefitted from the successful implementation of the proposed logical extension. Keywords - Bioreactor landfill, leachate recirculation rate, municipal solid waste, open dumpsite.