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Touch-n-Control: A Spot-n-Touch Remote Control System for Smart Home Appliances using IoT applications

With several connected devices, the smart home is one of the important areas in Internet of Things (IoT). As the complexity of appliances increase, many buttons are designed on the remote controller. This disorder leads to a huge chance of mistakes in operations. To overcome these, an intelligent universal remote control system (IURCS) for smart home devices named Touch-n-Control is introduced. Touch-n Control refers the spatiality characteristic, which allows easy and intuitive control by spotting a target device of the remote controller and displays the target on the screen. For the introduced method two types of prototypes are used. Finally the Touch-n-Control is a helpful and suitable control method for IoT-based home applications. Memo: A smart phone accoutred with infrared (IR) capabilities is easier to grasp functions of the Spot-n-Touch remote controller (STRC), IR universal serial bus (IRUSB) dongles are provided to hold for Android operation system (OS) and universal plug and play (UPnP) libraries are used to reduce the development time. The implementation of Spot-n-Touch control box (STCB), the small and narrow hole is a trick for the IR mechanism. In this mechanism, only one device can be concurrently spotted and controlled by the introduced method and always shows one control user interface (UI) of a single device. Keywords - IoT, less bandwidth consumption, UI.