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The Role of Data Mining on the Successful Customer Relationship Management

The relationship between Data Mining (DM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has been studied within an empirical study in Carrefour Chain Store-Family Mall branch in Erbil province-Iraq. Data Mining has been considered as a vital element in business domain. As such Customer Relationship Management has become more important in the industry especially the service segmentation. That is why this study has been select Carrefour Store as a biggest store in Erbil province. The study proposed that there is no statistical relationship between DM techniques and CRM as a dependent variable. A specific Questionnaire has been considered In order to complete the practical side of this paper. SPSS-20 software package has been used to find out data analysis. Based on the analysis a conclusion has been drawn that DM techniques represent the main key for the success of CRM. Keywords - Data Mining, Data Mining techniques, Data Mining Process, Customer Relationship Management , Successful Customer Relationship Management.