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Premenstrual Syndrome: Its Burden and Determinants among Medical Students of a Private Medical College in Mangalore

Introduction: Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a constellation of somatic and psychological symptoms related to the initial phase of menstruation of high intensity so as to affect the normal routine. The premenstrual symptoms are less profound four days after the beginning of menstrual cycle,with no reappearance till the next cycle. Methodology: A cross sectional study was conducted among 348 female students of Kasturba Medical College Mangalore. A pretested semi-structured questionnaire was used to collect the information and it was entered and analysed using SPSS version 11. Results: Mean age of study participants was 20.9(+1.80).Major symptoms were found to be irritability(72.1%) ,anger (60.0%) , anxiety(51.7%) and depression(48.2%).The activities which were affected majorly by PMS were going out with others(39.9%), concentration in class(37.6%) and homework tasks(28.7%).Significant association was found between higher BMI and symptoms of PMS like depression, anxiety and confusion. Conclusion: It was found that PMS was associated with debilitating symptoms like depression irritability and anxiety among study participants.This highlights the need for proper counselling and education regarding symptoms of PMS among women belonging to reproductive age.