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An Optimal Solution to Thermal Unit Commitment Problem in Solar Integrated Environment with Battery Storage

The rising trend of solar power generation with the intent of using it locally as well as supplying of to grid has necessitated an in-depth study in order to revisit the existent thermal Unit Commitment strategy. A study has been carried out to quantify and to validate the reduction in overall production cost of generation when PV-Battery unit is included with thermal generation. Inherently the availability of intermittent solar power demands inclusion of battery support hence the proposed model has been developed by incorporating a battery with the PV panel so as to provide reliability to the grid and also to shave-off the peak loads. An effort has been made in this paper to solve Unit Commitment problem with ten thermal generating units along with one PV-battery unit. The problem of generation scheduling becomes even more challenging with the additional constraints pertaining to interfaced with the existing thermal generation constraints. A hybrid solution technique has been proposed where Priority List Method is hybridized with Particle Swarm Optimization technique with time varying acceleration coefficients providing a two stage solution to the problem. Keywords - Unit Commitment Problem (UCP), Priority List Method (PLM), Particle Swarm Optimization with Time Varying Acceleration Coefficients (PSO_TVAC), Renewable Energy Resources (RES), Economic Load Dispatch (ELD), State Of Charge (SoC), Depth of Discharge (DoD).