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A Statistical Indagation of Body Fat Percentage: A Sift Cognitive Correlation of Lipid Data and Bio-Electric Impedance Analysis in Humans

Obesity is a soaring health gremlin emanating in recent times. Immense stupendous studies have been done on the perpetual concerns caused due to obesity. Body fat is a paramount determinant which dominates and influences the blubber inflation in a human body. White Adipose Tissues (WAT) are the fat cells which consist of the excessive, unburnt energy in the body. Therefore anatomization of body fat percentage for a person has become indispensable. The previous work apropos of body fat percentage involved a formula comprising of Body Mass Index (BMI), age and gender of a person. But since it lacks accuracy for a person having more muscle mass than fat mass, it vitiates the fat percentage of that person. The proposed study ameliorates the formula of body fat percentage for a person by entailing the Total Cholesterol (TC) from the lipid profile and the values obtained from a Bio-Electric Impedance method. The ethical committee approval for this study has been obtained from the Institutional Ethics Committee, Madras Medical College, Chennai. The simulations have been performed using R-Tools and results are successfully procured. Keywords - Obesity, Body Fat Percentage, BMI, Bio-Electric Impedance, R-Tools