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Extraction of Biodiesel from Chicken Waste and Performance of Biodiesel in I.C Engine

The project aims at extraction of biodiesel from chicken waste. Chicken skins thus are sources of solid waste that are usually not utilized. It deals with the production of useful biodiesel from utilizing the waste chicken skins. Oil from the waste chicken skins (sourced from local poultry farms), was first extracted and then subjected to trans-esterification. The products of trans-esterification were FAME (Fatty acid methyl esters) and glycerol. The FAME produced was tested for density, viscosity, calorific value, fire point and flash point when compared to Indian standard values. Comparison of the obtained values of the parameters with the standard values for diesel was performed to determine the viability of the biodiesel produced. The results of this experiment showed that the calorific values of FAME produced from chicken skin fat were close to that of petroleum derived diesel. However, two test parameters namely kinematic viscosity and flash point differed when compared to diesel. The obtained biodiesel is blended with different percentage of diesel in single cylinder 4-stroke I.C engine. Due to the relatively high yield value of biodiesel, it is feasible to utilize chicken skin fat at a rural level to produce FAME that can be an alternative to diesel in this time of fuel scarcity. Keywords - Biodiesel, Chicken fat oil, Engine performance, Engine emission, Transesterification process.