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Designing of an Anechoic Chamber for Research Applications

In acoustic science, sound proof chambers are essential since the acoustical experiments are performed under sound proof spaces. Therefore, the experimental area (inside of the chamber) should be isolated from the environmental or surrounding noises. If the chamber is high efficient, then the percentage noise reduction should be high. In this study, an anechoic chamber has been produced for acoustic researches. This chamber contains two wooden boxes and several different material layers such as glass wool, air, sponge and rexien by which the inner space of the inner box has been isolated from the surrounding noises. A certain has been install on the wall of the inner box to avoid the formation of resonances. Considerably high noise reduction and high percentage efficient have been reported by this chamber. Results of the study reveals that this chamber is high efficient at high frequencies (above 1000 Hz). Maximum percentage efficiency of the chamber is 95.3% at 3150 frequency. Keywords - Acoustic, Rexine, Glass wool, Spong