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Assessing Business Student Learning on Environmental Sustainability

Business students are the future leaders of entrepreneurs, companies, institutions, government, and so forth. Scholars and practitioners increasingly recognize that ethically and environmentally responsible behaviors play a significant role for the success of businesses. It is important for business students not only to have the opportunity to build business skills, but also to help them understand the crucial role of business decisions and actions to the environmental protection. Educators are responsible to develop students’ ability to discover and apply values related to corporate social responsibility. Therefore, it is very imperative for the business educators to develop curriculum that integrates environmental responsibility into teaching. This project is to report my exploration integrating environmental responsibility into business teaching in all my classes. I have designed specific lectures, used case studies, had classroom discussions, and offered student projects to set student foundations of values, environmental responsibility, and ethics. To make the learning interesting, I have invited guest speakers and taken students to visit the real business facilities for students to observe many subjects that are not available in classroom and to gain new perspective on the world. The objective is to make environmental responsibility part of the conversation and the teaching in all my classes in the business school. I designed pre and post-tests, pop quizzes, short exams, written assignments, and final exam to assess student learning progress during the semester. This research is based on the theory of formative and summative student assessment with the purpose to explore the effective methods for teaching future business leaders the value and social responsibility.