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Optimum Dosage of Super Absorbent Polymers in Concrete

This paper presents the use of Super Absorbent polymers as an additive in concrete by replacing the same amount of fine aggregates present in the concrete. The basic purpose of adding super-absorbent polymers in the concrete is to study the change in properties like (Workability, Young Modulus of Elasticity and Strength) of concrete. Another desire of adding super-absorbent is to study the effect of self-sealing of the cracks in the concrete due to swelling of the super-absorbent when come in contact with the moisture. In this paper the optimum dosage of superabsorbent polymers (by weight) to be added is discussed without affecting strength to greater extent. Keywords - Super-Absorbent polymers(SAP),Young Modulus of Elasticity of Concrete Ec