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Thermal Management of PCIe Add in Card SSD

The performance and reliability of Solid State Drives (SSD) is greatly influenced by the temperature of its electronic components like NANDs, DRAM and SOC. Miniaturization of the storage devices has led to constant increase in heat fluxes and temperature ratings which need to be kept within the threshold. Combined active and passive cooling techniques help in the thermal management of such systems. This paper presents the thermal solution for a PCIe Add In Card SSD with the assistance of thermal simulations using FloTHERM software which is correlated with experimental results of a prototype SSD model. The critical component temperatures of the PCIe AIC SSD are maintained within the threshold values by utilization of both active cooling in the form of air flow and passive cooling in the form of using Thermal Interface Materials, Heat sinks and Pyrolytic Graphite Sheet for heat dissipation. Keywords - Thermal management, Solid State Drive (SSD), PCIe, Add in Card (AIC), FloTHERM, Pyrolytic Graphite Sheet (PGS)