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Method Study on laboratory Reagents’ consumption in Tertiary Healthcare firms to increase Productivity

Laboratory reagents are used by laboratories for various medical test. Each test requires its own set of Reagents. In recent days, the number of tests that a facility has to perform has increased phenomenally. Irrespective of the test being an automatic or manual process, many tertiary care hospital management believes that they are incurring wastage or loss of reagents. The aim of this study is to provide a proper method study using the tools of Industrial engineering that can be implemented in any Laboratory or by any tertiary healthcare firm to find out the percentage of loss and its causes and then eliminate them. This process will improve Efficiency of the system and Productivity. For the purpose of our study, we have selected to analyses T3, T4 and TSH Reagents which are the most widely used Reagent and thus, reducing wastage of this reagent would mean a significant positive growth in productivity. The study results some of the most common errors that occur in these laboratory tests associated with the reagents and also provide other errors that can be minimized. Keywords - Method Study, Total Productive Maintenance, Laboratory reagents, OEE