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IoT based Smart Housekeeping Robot

This project has designed an IoT (Internet of Things) based indoor mobile robot. The robot is used for the housekeeping service through Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) and called as “intelligent housekeeper”. The aim of the project is to implement IoT technology for housekeeping robot. The robot is equipped with wheel structure, arm lifting machinery, and camera holding structure. It applies ATmega32 as the main controller and it communicates with the Wi-Fi module. An android phone is used as its head. People can operate the robot through web page by another smart phone from any place at any time. All the operations can performed from anywhere at any time using the web page and the RF (Radio Frequency) module. It can perform lamp and fan switching, robot movement as forward, backward, left and right, arm lifting, floor cleaning, and real-time video transmission through camera. The experimental result shows that all the functions work properly. Keywords - IOT; housekeeping robot; Wi-Fi; RF module; ATmega32 microcontroller; robot movement; floor cleaning; video transmission